Challenges create strong people

Growing up without a father is something that a lot of people can relate to. It's a struggle that not many people talk about, but it's a real and painful reality for a lot of kids out there, including myself. My father left when I was just a little boy, and I remember feeling like he didn't love or want me. It was a feeling that stayed with me for a really long time.

My mom was left to raise me on her own, and it was a tough job. She had to work long hours to provide for us, and there were times when we didn't have much. But she always made sure that I had everything I needed, even if it meant sacrificing things for herself. She was my hero, my everything. And even though we struggled, we were happy.

My dad would come and go, visiting maybe once or twice a year. He would stay in a studio apartment and I would go over to visit. I remember seeing cocaine on the mirrors in his apartment and feeling like I couldn't tell my mom. I didn't understand why he would choose drugs over being with his own son.

As I got older, I realized that my dad had his own problems and demons that he was dealing with. It wasn't about me, it was about his own issues. But that didn't make it any easier. I struggled with feeling abandoned and not good enough.

But through it all, I learned how to handle my anger in a better way. I turned to boxing as a way to cope with my emotions. I would watch fights on TV and study the techniques. I would train with coaches who saw potential in me. And slowly but surely, boxing became my passion.

It wasn't until I enlisted in the military and went through my own struggles with PTSD that I realized how much boxing had helped me. Losing 15 guys in combat was something that brought me to my knees. But through it all, boxing was there for me. It helped me work through my pain and trauma, and it gave me a sense of purpose.

Looking back on my childhood, I realize that my dad's absence was a blessing in disguise. It taught me resilience and compassion, and it led me to my passion for boxing. It's funny how life works like that sometimes. And now, as a grown man, I'm grateful for the struggles that made me who I am today.

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