Our Story

Founder: Ralph Sarabia

  • USMC
  • 2x Combat Veteran
  • Therapist 

Ralph served in Iraq during the deadliest years of 2004-2005. Ralph lost many of his buddies during the war and had to throw Putasos at PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and suicide. He fought and sometimes lost a few rounds. He was always determined to stay in the fight. He wants to use the Putasos brand to inspire anyone who has had to fight their own battles. Putasos fight apparel was created to inspire and encourage the fighter within, never give up and fight to the end. Ralph is now a therapist for combat veterans who suffer from PTSD.


Throwing hard punches with the goal of inflicting maximum pain and damage
Throw punches at whatever tries to hold you back from being the best version of yourself

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